We can save your data, but we can't save you

About Us

Data.... The final legacy. These are the pioneers of Offworldbackup.com. Their continuing mission, to establish new secure datacenters on new worlds, to seek out faster transmission speeds; new encryption protocols; and impossible uptimes. To boldy save what no one thought could be saved.

Armed with nothing more than Sonic Screwdrivers, ARC Reactors and the power of their will, mind and sense of humor thay have given humanity one last gift and hope in these dark days. There are too many people to thank, and not enough time to thank them. The teams they led have worked tirelessly and so, they leave unto us .... immortality (sorta).

Ben Rowland CEO of Interplanetary Transmission and Quantum Tunneling Transportation

Self taught for his entire life, Ben began his training at the age of 7 upon reading Einstein's "Ist die Trägheit eines Körpers von seinem Energieinhalt abhängig?" and the Theory of Relativity. Ben began integrating his own theories on space time in his thesis entitled "Light Speed: Whatever!" to public acclaim. At the age of 17, he launched his first FTL satellite, which was unfortunately destroyed when a rogue graviton pulse from a solar flare collapsed its flux capacitor. At the age of 19, he invented Magneto Plasmic Repulsar Field technology on a dare. On the cutting edge of FTL(Faster than Light) communication and travel, Ben has been integral in making sure our data centers and Schroedinger Satelite network have an up time of 103.14%

Tony Moy Director of Public and Extraterrestrial Relations

After getting his PhD. in Xenobiology from Miskatonic University, Tony went on to get an MBA in Public Relations from Harvard. With his experience as NASA's frontman in Martian territorial negotiations, he has made an excellent addition to the Off World Backup Team. In his spare time, Tony dabbles into Xenolinguistics and speak fluently in over 18 languages (42 if you count interplanetary dialects), including Klingon, Kree, and Navi. He recently published a book of Klingon love poetry called "SoH 'oH wIj Targh". As a side note, Tony once bit a radioactive spider, giving it the proportionate powers of a human.

Malerie Kaplan Director of Interstellar Networks

Malerie's love of encryption began at a young age when she realized that she and her twin could make their plans to sneak out of the house in front of their parents with no repurcussions -- no small feat when both your parents have double PhDs in Math and Encryption. As the inventor of the Quantum Bilateral Encryption scheme used at Off World Backup, she is the only person who can claim to have created an encryption scheme that has survived an extraterrestrial cracking attempt.