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Files have survived the apocalypse

End of days T:minus

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Huh? You're still here?
  • Why?

    Because the end of the world is nigh. At least that's what the ancient Mayans and recent crackpo--, er, scientists believe.

  • How?

    Cutting edge Schrodinger satellite network.

    And good old fashioned data centers buried miles below the surface of the moon. Thanks NASA!

  • When?

    Tomorrow may be too late


The End is Here Contest.

The apocalypse is here. There isn't that much time to do those things that you always wanted to do. Let us know on our wall what you have never been able to scratch off that pesky bucket list and why. That one thing you regret not being able to do, or see, or to experience.

And if we are all still here after this apocalypse, we will try our hardest to make one of those dreams come true. Seriously. So share this with your friends.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Time is running out.

We will accept entries at facebook.com/offworldbackup until the end of the apocalypse (12/21/12 @ midnight central time).

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